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Network Consulting and Repair


The Networking Services You Need

Any business with or without an Internet connection needs to consider networking services. With an internet connection, networking shares that link with all the devices on the network.  Without an internet connection, the network is still essential to share networked devices such as printers and file sharing servers with all the allowed computers on that network.  With so much riding on the technology, you can’t leave anything to chance. Intensified Technology is ready to provide the network services that your business needs to maximize its potential.

Hardware or Software Network Consulting

A good network consists of multiple parts working as one finely tuned machine, and our computer network services can handle every gear and cog. We can install and configure all network devices including, but not limited to, firewalls, routers, switches, and even networked thermostats.  We can run the cable needed to connect everything together. Best of all, our technicians work not only during the day but oftentimes, in the evening and on the weekends as well – this means no disruption to your business operations. That means your business can continue to serve its customers while we’re serving you. We service networks of any size, so we’re ready to serve anything you have currently or would like to include!

Your Network Services Company

Virtually any business can use our network consulting to help optimize its network stability and reliability. Our technicians will work directly with you and your staff (including your in-house IT experts) to make sure that we completely understand your needs. We’ll then set to work optimizing your infrastructure for your specific needs, and we’ll always be sure to speak in a language you can understand. You’ll know exactly what we’re doing and understand all of the options available to you. You’ll learn first hand that we take every job seriously, no matter how large or small.

Any Network, Any Time!

Whether your network needs support, repair, or doesn’t even exist yet, we can give you the benefit of our experience. Our work is quick, efficient, and (most importantly) guaranteed to be correct, so contact us to handle all of your networking services!

Business Network Design / Installation – A wired or wireless LAN, or Local Area Network, connects your company’s computers and allows them to share resources such as files and printers. If your office has multiple computers, you can gain tremendous benefit by networking them. We’ll design and construct the perfect network for you, and put your business into high gear.

Network Troubleshooting / Support / Repair – Are you having problems with your existing network? If your network is down or not functioning properly, it is difficult for your employees to be productive, which costs your business time and money. We’ll come to your office to troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix the problems ailing your network. Let us get your business back on track!

Wireless – Many networks need the ability to connect wireless clients giving those clients the ability to share network resources. Intensified Technology offers a wide range of wireless networking options that can even keep traffic from differing networks separated. This separation provides security and bandwidth management options often required for networks in health organizations.

Network Security – How safe is your network? The default installation for most networks does not include setting up security, or the security is minimally configured, which means that over 75% of all networks are NOT secure! So unless you have taken deliberate steps to implement security, more than likely your network is at risk. We’ll come to your business and lock down your network, so you can keep unwanted hackers and other pesky intruders out by restricting access to only the computers of your choice. Don’t chance having your critical business data stolen, let us properly secure your network today!