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Our Story

Intensified Technology is the brainchild of Corey Swales and Jeremy Spencer. The two technicians, armed with education and years of experience, came together in Corey’s garage to offer a new kind of technology company. Rather than offer yesterday’s technology solutions as a band aid, Intensified Technology integrates the old and new options to accommodate the existing infrastructure while allowing, and planning for, future upgrades.  Intensified Technology started as a field service company that subcontracts work from national and international IT companies.  These services are still a major part of Intensified Technology’s business practice.  The plan has served them well!  They now have a brick and mortar business in downtown Oscoda Michigan where they offer their expertise to businesses as well as residential clients that don’t have the desire or ability to retain a HUGE corporate IT support company yet want all the same services.

Intensified Technology’s IT solutions always take into consideration changing technologies and growth and our staff constantly searches for new ideas. We also pay attention to the big dog requirements put forth by companies like Microsoft and Google which are of course, constantly changing. Our consultative approach makes sure that a decision today will be a good decision for tomorrow.

Corey & Beth


Jeremy Started playing with computers at 8 years old when his father purchased the family an IBM compatible computer that ran DOS as the operating system.  Since his father needed classes to understand the command line interface he took Jeremy with him  probably to keep Jeremy out of his mom’s hair for a few hours.  Jeremy picked up the commands quickly and was helping other students with the teacher by the end of the class.  That basic knowledge was the starting point of a true technology geek.

When Jeremy was old enough to begin working he landed a position with a company called Telephone Sales and Service in Kansas where he learned how to wire and configure telephone key systems.  This knowledge has proven to be priceless over the years and Jeremy is second to none as a field tech.  Not only can he install and troubleshoot telephone systems, he has the wiring experience to work with telco and internal network communications of all kinds.  Over the years he has continued to learn about computers, what make them tick, and how to keep them ticking.  When the time came, he integrated his wiring, key system, and computer repair knowledge with a Bachelors degree in Network Engineering and Project Management making him a key asset to clientele in need of technology services.